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Round 4 Shanghai International Speedway

Sep 7-8

RACE 10,11,12

Track length: 5.5 km
No. turns: 16
Direction: Clockwise
Location: 2,000 Yining Rd. Jiading District, Shanghai Autocity, western outskirts of Shanghai

Circuit Information

The Shanghai International Circuit was designed as the race circuit for the new millennium.
The modern track, with its stunning architecture, has achieved its goal of becoming China's
gateway to the world of Formula 1 racing. Not only is the course remarkable for its change
of acceleration and deceleration within different winding turns, making high demands on
the driver as well as the car, but also for its high-speed straights. These offer crucial overtaking
opportunities and give an intense and exciting motorsport experience to the spectators.
The main grandstand with 29,000 seats provides a spectacular view of almost 80
percent of the circuit.